Pharmacy Benefits

The Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund has partnered with Capital Rx to oversee your prescription benefit program. By using the Teamsters Health & Welfare Prescription Drug Benefit, you can receive:
  • Up to a 30-day supply of covered medications at any participating pharmacy.
  • Up to a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs can be filled at all in-network pharmacies, including CVS, with one co-pay, or it can be filled online through Magellan Rx Pharmacy.

Visit one of 69,000+ in-network pharmacies, pay your co-payment, and pick up your prescription — it is that easy.

To get started, log on to or call 1-800-424-7491

Prescription Drug Benefits

Retail Pharmacy for your Short-Term Prescriptions
  • Use any participating retail pharmacy for a 30-day supply of covered medications
  • Drop off your prescriptions at your local pharmacy
  • Pick up your medication at a time that is convenient for you
  • Enjoy same-day prescription availability
  • Talk with a pharmacist face-to-face

Healthcare Reform Drug List

Magellan Rx Pharmacy is Capital Rx’s mail-order and specialty pharmacy provider.
  • Magellan Rx Pharmacy is a convenient program that delivers your medication right to your home
  • Magellan Rx Pharmacy allows you to fill a 90-day supply of covered medications
  • Mail your prescriptions to Magellan Rx Pharmacy, P.O. Box 620968, Orlando, FL 32862 or fax your prescription to 888-282-1349. Receive your medications in private, tamper-resistant and (when needed) temperature-controlled packaging
  • Talk to a pharmacist by phone

For More Information go to to easily order refills and manage your prescriptions at any time.

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